22 January 2018

Focus on Malawi posting now at The Raven Trust

IMPORTANT: for news and updates on Focus on Malawi from January 2018 onwards, please go to The Raven Trust website. Here’s why...

Focus on Malawi has worked, since it started in 2005, in association with The Raven Trust and founders John and Sue Challis. We have benefited from the Trust’s container services; their help in organising clinical visits; advice, transport and accommodation in Malawi; and of course we have benefited by working through a registered charity. Focus on Malawi could not have happened or developed without The Raven Trust!

In 2017, John Challis retired from the Trust, and consequently the work he had been heading up for 20 years (shipping services, plus building, infrastructure and training projects – and much more) ceased. But it’s been agreed that the Trust will continue with its future purpose to focus entirely on the eye care work of Focus on Malawi. We are very grateful that, in spite of this change, many of the Trust’s original friends have pledged to continue to support the Trust in its new role.

We are now in the position where we have two websites — this one and The Raven Trust’s. To avoid confusion and duplication of work, we have decided that from now on all news and information on our eye care work in Malawi will appear on The Raven Trust’s website. The archive of all our posts since 2005 will remain here.

 We look forward to seeing you over at The Raven Trust website!

08 January 2018

Goggle Works this Friday 12 January

Many complex factors contribute to poverty, but one simple contribution to fighting it is to help people to see better, so they can study and work. In fact, worldwide, half of all sight problems can be solved by using glasses to aid reading and close work. So join us on Friday 12 January in Colchester to help prepare another batch of secondhand glasses to send to our mission partners in Malawi. Starts 19:30 and there’ll be plenty of refreshments to keep you going. For more details, phone 01206 622712.