27 April 2017

Accident on the way to Mzuzu

We regret to report that a lorry containing our last load for the clinics came off the road earlier this week, not far from its final destination, Mzuzu. It included the important optometric equipment we purchased last year (including three combination examination units).

We are thankful to hear that the driver was not hurt.

Together with support from the police and the army, the Synod of Livingstonia organised volunteers which retrieved the cargo, and trucks which transported it safely to the various destinations. As yet, we have no definite reports on the condition of our equipment and we have requested photographs of damaged items. The equipment was very well packed – more than aqequate for the normal arduous journey, but not for this kind of accident.

It was planned that our 2107 visiting teams would set up the equipment ready for use this year, but now it's possible that they may be limited to assessing damage and attempting repairs.



14 April 2017

More Goggle Works Parties soon

There are two more Goggle Works parties coming soon! The first is on 28 April and the second on 19 May, both starting at 7.30pm, in Colchester. As usual, there'll be plenty of nibbles, cakes and coffee to keep everyone working hard. Email Sue for more info.

04 April 2017

Quiz night success

Here is the 'Almost Conscious' team celebrating their prize money for getting to second place in yesterday's big quiz event at the Bricklayers pub in Colchester. They announced that the money would be donated to Focus on Malawi. The prize was around £18 and team member Colin topped it up to £20. Cheers guys!