05 May 2005

Thanks to people who helped

Williams Optometrists, Benfleet, Essex, who supplied 60 pairs of reading glasses plus sight testing equipment and a focimeter (used to measure the power of glasses).

Jim Seymour, optometrist, aviator and sailor, a regular Fellowship Afloat volunteer, who supplied trial frames.

Jill Paxton, optometrist, working at Essex County Hospital who supplied sight testing equipment and vision charts.

Paula Bradshaw, orthoptist, my head of department at ECH who let me take three weeks' annual leave.

How I got into this

One day, Sue Challis, an old friend of ours, said "We really need some help at the hospital, it provides no eye care at all!" Three months later I was on a plane to Africa, my baggage stuffed full to excess with instruments and with a brief to "have a look round and see what might be done". Sue Challis and her husband John run The Raven Trust which brings practical support to a range of projects in Malawi.