14 July 2014

Operating microscope donated

Plans to expand ophthalmic services at the David Gordon Memorial Hospital, Livingstonia (above), have taken a big step forward with the donation to Focus on Malawi of a Ziess operating microscope, by the Ivry Street Medical Practice in Ipswich.

The microscope will open up the exciting possibility of providing a cataract lens implant service at the hospital. On behalf of the David Gordon Memorial Hospital, we'd like to thank the Ivry Street Medical Practice for this generous and timely gift.

After being handed over on 3 July, the microscope was taken to the Trust's warehouse in Dundee, and two days later it was on its way Malawi in a shipping container.

Accepting the gift from Pam Halston (centre) of the Ivry Street Medical Practice, are John Challis (left), director of The Raven Trust, and Dr Caroline Sheldrick (right) of Focus on Malawi,

John and his wife Sue Challis of The Raven Trust get ready to take the microscope to the Trust's Dundee warehouse, for its onward journey to Malawi.