28 September 2017

Repairs and teaching at Embangweni

Reporting from Malawi: "Busy busy busy here in Embangweni. The test chart we thought was broken has been fixed and put up on the wall. We've been busy teaching and found a spare 5 minutes for an eye clinic team selfie."

24 September 2017

Supporting training for clinicians

Reporting from Malawi: "Just handed over a laptop and some medical textbooks to Lesley to help him with his studies."

September clinical visit starts

Another clinical visit to northern Malawi has started! Optometrists Emma and Carina arrive in Lilongwe today, and tomorrow will travel north to Embangweni. They’ll do training at the newly-opened clinic there, and also see patients at schools and remote clinics here and yet further north at Ekwendeni. They’ve taken packed-to-the-limit bag-loads of stuff donated & recently sorted at Goggle Works Parties (glasses for patients, medical text books and laptop for students, etc, etc). We pray for their safety in all aspects of travelling and work, and that they will keep well.
If you would like to help this project in any way (you don’t have to be an eye care professional!) do get in contact. We can do with all sorts of practical help, from collecting and sorting second-hand glasses to admin support. We’re also happy to receive donations small or large. Our purpose is to support the development of self-sustaining eye care — and essential for that is clinical training for locals, so we continue to sponsor courses in Malawi. The professional qualifications gained are valid only in Malawi, so the investment stays within the country.

15 September 2017

Thanks to Claremont School, Bristol

And more thanks, this time to the children and teachers at Claremont School in Bristol. Last term they did a special project: Think Globally, Act Locally. As part of that, they collected glasses for FoM!

14 September 2017

Thanks to all who donate and collect glasses

Thank you so much to all you wonderful people who donate and collect glasses for FoM! We have collection points at Essex County, Clacton and Harwich Hospitals. Regular donations come from the patients at Tollgate GP surgery and the Oaks Hospital, also from the congregation at Prettygate Baptist church, friends of Colchester Inner Wheel, clients at Keeble Solicitors and customers at Colchester Oxfam.

04 September 2017

Lots more glasses ready to go to Malawi

Thanks everyone who washed, sorted, measured and packed over 300 glasses last Friday, ready for sending to Africa! And thanks too to those who donated and collected the secondhand glasses.