25 February 2012

More glasses measured for Malawi

At yesterday's Goggle Works party, a brilliant team measured, labelled and packaged 235 glasses ready for shipping to Malawi. Lots more glasses were sorted and washed and made ready for the next measuring session. Also, the team checked and packaged many empty glasses cases; good strong cases are highly valued where most people do manual work and homes are too small for cupboards and drawers.

Thanks everyone for your hard work!

20 February 2012

News from Livingstonia clinic

We've just received a newsletter from the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia, which includes a short update on the recently-established Eye Department:
"46 patients were registered in the department over the quarter ending December [2011]. This number does not include those that came for eye testing and change of lenses. The most common cases are: allergic conjunctivitis, cataract and corneal ulcer."

06 February 2012

Next Goggle Works Party is on Friday 24 February

It's high time for another Goggle Works party, owing to the generous and thoughtful people in and around Colchester. They have donated loads more second-hand glasses to sort, measure and label, before being sent off to Malawi. So the next party is on Friday 24 February, starting at 7.30pm, in Colchester. As usual, there'll be plenty of exotic nibbles, cakes and coffee to keep everyone working hard. Email Sue for more info.