17 August 2010

Ekwendeni Blind School outreach gets government support

We've recently had this encouraging report from Logen Kumwenda, teacher-in-charge at the Ekwendeni Blind School:

"Glad to inform you that because of your initiatives and support towards itinerary visits to various areas in the district which we had done twice, the [Malawi government] District Education Manager (DEM) has now funded and organised for these visits. We are scheduled start on 17th and finish on 20th August 2010 covering 12 educational zones.

I really thank you the support you had been giving which has made the DEM appreciate our job and has seen the fruits of our visits now. I really thank you for that. I have hope that next time you will do again. The resource room has new furniture now at least all children in the room will sit comfortably. Thank you and all those who donated towards that...

How are people in Colchester? How busy are you now? We have closed schools for a month holiday till September. With glasses, someone assisted us from Dunfermline in UK where I went with Mr Chihana. But after the DEMs exercise, I have hope that we will have new pupils who might require glasses. Say hie to everyone. LOGEN"

14 August 2010

From dishwasher to Malawi

The first thing we do with donated glasses is clean them up, and the best place to do that is in the dishwasher! They come out sparkling and free from the usual greasy accretions that accompany old glasses. Next job: measuring and sorting them.