04 March 2010

Blind School outreach support needed

On our visits to Ekwendeni, we have always spent time at the blind school, assessing pupils to help them enhance and use what vision they have. If it weren't for the amazing work that Logen Kumwenda (teacher-in-charge) and his small team are doing, many of these kids would have no life at all. But Logen is aware of how many more children there are out in the country who would have no future – without the help the school provides. He's asking us to support a further Parent Counselling and Support programme, which will result in new, very poor children coming into the school. They'll need clothes, school equipment, as well as things for play and hobby activities. Food is often in short supply and they would appreciate having more buying power. There is also the need to get some children to the Central Hospital, where they can have simple operations to improve sight and be treated for disease.

With perfect timing, the good people of St Stephen's, Colchester, have just offered to do a fund-raising meal for FoM (it's on Saturday 13 March, for more details email me), so we've agreed to allocate all the proceeds to the Blind School. A great start to helping make Logen's plans come to fruition!

03 March 2010

Angella gets course equipment

While John Challis (The Raven Trust) was recently in Malawi, he met up with Angella (who is training for her ophthalmic clinical officer exams). Angella reported that her course was going well. At their meeting, John handed over to her a digital camera and an internet access dongle for her PC. These have been funded by Focus on Malawi to support Angella in her studies.