31 January 2009

Scouts in York raise money for eye clinic building in Livingstonia

Anne Shannon, who runs a Scout group in York, tells us that she and her troop are visiting Malawi this year, and will be camping at Livingstonia. Their plan is to do lots of practical work, including painting and decorating, in the David Gordon Memorial Hospital. Anne has also been incredibly busy fundraising: she has managed to raise £15,000 from various grant-making bodies for the specific purpose of constructing an eye and dental-care building! This is wonderful news and means that there could be and eye-clinic at Livingstonia, with trained local staff, working within the coming year.

19 January 2009

Kay Picture Test packs donated

Many thanks to the people at Kays Picture Tests who have kindly donated five sets of their Single Logmar books and associated test cards. These are now on their way to Malawi. The kids have no difficulties with recognising the shapes, despite living in a very different environment and culture – although, when the apple is indicated, they usually say 'tomato'.