19 October 2006

500+ glasses dispensed

Work continues fast and furious: so far the the team has dispensed over 500 pairs of glasses. This weekend they will be taking a break by the lake before travelling home, ETA Heathrow 6.45am Tuesday, 24 October.

05 October 2006

The team has started work in Ekwendeni

The team arrived safely in Ekwendeni and they've begun to do some clinics. I understand there's a visit to the Vwaza game reserve this weekend (John K).

03 October 2006

Team takes off for Malawi visit 2006

Here are Marie Devine, Sarah Douglas, Sue Kevan, David Dixon and Mike Parsons at Heathrow's Terminal 4, ready to check in for their flight to Malawi, Monday, 1 October 2006. The luggage is stuffed tight with all sorts of gear (leaving little room for the personal wardrobe!) that will be useful in Ekwendeni as they do clinics and help develop the eye clinic there. Thanks again to the many people who have donated equipment and resources for this trip.