31 July 2006

Donated equipment sent off

From previous posts, you'll see that many people have been collecting or donating equipment and glasses for Ekwendeni Hospital. Here's a pic of John Challis loading his car with stuff from Harwich and the Colchester area. All this, and much more, were subsequently loaded in a container and shipped off to Africa in July 2006. The big box should have arrived in Ekwendeni by the time we arrive there in October.

Some generous donations

Grateful thanks go to MasterAid for the donation the company has made: we'll be able to buy a lot of new reading glasses with this money. Thanks also to John Ferrier Optometrists in Scotland for donating some old, but very useable equipment. Many thanks also to a generous e-bayer!

03 July 2006

The next trip

In October this year I'll be visiting Ekwendeni again, but not on my own.

Two optometrists plus a dispensing optician will be coming with me. We'll have two weeks at the hospital and then spend some time visiting the area.

People have been collecting glasses all year, the A & E Department at Harwich Hospital has been really supportive. The nursing sister has organised a glasses collection point, which is fantastic. The Raven Trust has been sending glasses out, so there should be a good supply waiting for us, however, more glasses are always needed.

I'm in touch with a few of the optical suppliers with regard to donations of equipment, so hopefully it won't be long before Ekwendeni has its own glasses dispensing department.