11 July 2005

Great news - 10,000 lenses

Last month the Raven Trust was given a donation to purchase 10,000 uncut optical lenses at a very good price. These are now sitting in the Trust's warehouse in Strachur, waitng for the right time to ship them out, (the building work hasn't started yet). This stock will form the foundation of the dispensing clinic. All we need now is the equipment...

04 July 2005

We really can make a difference

How can a little eye clinic in a little town, in a little country in Africa, make a real difference to any of the problems the African continent is facing?

Of course, the clinic won't solve everything but, for the people living in that town who can now see when before they couldn't, it will make all the difference in the world!

When people have glasses, they can see, and when they can see, they can learn to read. (Primary education is available to all in Malawi, Secondary education has to be paid for).

If they can read, they can get an education and then be able to support themselves and their dependants.